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Advanced Laboratory Services

Advanced Laboratory Services, Inc. is a state of the art laboratory located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to core laboratory testing, including chemistry, hematology, UA and full microbiological capabilities, we also offer specialized testing utilizing microscopy, immunological assay and ELISA methods. Our patients range from those concerned with basic health to diagnosing fatigue and screening for infectious pathogens from viral to bacteriological.

Advanced Laboratory Services has earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval.

Our Primary Goals

  • Offer a wide range of clinical laboratory services to providers and the general public
  • Deliver affordable, reliable and quality results in a timely fashion (same day applicable)
  • Provide crucial assistance to diagnosis of diseases as well as key research that could potentially aid in future diagnosis and prevention.

Our focus at Advanced Laboratory Services is to bring the highest quality testing and results to health care providers and their patients. To contact Laboratory Management about patient safety concerns and quality of care, please call 855-238-4949 or email