Spirochete/Borrelia Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

How may I obtain a blood collection kit for the Spirochete/Borrelia test?

We will provide blood collection kits directly to practitioner's offices. We ask that interested patients contact their health care provider in order to obtain kits from Advanced Laboratory Services. There is no initial charge for the collection kits, and kits cannot be sent directly to patients.

What is the cost for the test, and how may I pay for it?

There are several test options available for the Spirochete/Borrelia Culture. A more complete description of test options can be found here. The test prices are as follows:

Basic Borrelia Culture $595
Extended Culture Add-On $150
Monoclonal Antibody Add-On $300

These prices to do not include any draw or processing fees your practitioner may charge. The test is paid for by the patient (check or credit card), and may be reimbursed partly by some insurance carriers. The requisition form supplied in the blood collection kit includes all payment information.

Where is the test available?

Advanced Laboratory Services is pleased to announce that the Borrelia Blood Culture is now available for clinical use in 49 states. Please note: it is not yet available in the state of New York.

Who may order this test?

Based on the laws of Pennsylvania where we are located, it must be ordered by a medical practitioner defined by the state of Pennsylvania as an MD, DO, CRNP, PA-C, and Certified Nurse Midwife. If you are a Naturopathic Doctor, and even if you may order tests in the state in which you practice, you still will need to have the test ordered by the type of practitioner on Pennsylvania's approved list. Note that it also cannot be ordered directly by the patient. The practitioner must request a blood drawing kit from Advanced Labs, and once the specimen is drawn, it must be received by us within 24 hours. Please refer to the collection guidelines, below.

What are the guidelines for blood collection to ensure the highest culture yield?

  • Have symptoms and/or signs of active disease at the time of blood draw
  • Patient samples MUST be drawn and shipped Monday - Thursday. Do NOT send any samples on Friday or Saturday as the lab is not open on weekends!
  • Blood must reach the lab within 24 hours of being drawn!!! Be sure to send the specimen out the same day it is collected, and use the FedEx overnight mailers we provide in the kits.

Does the laboratory participate in clinical research?

It is the position of the lab that our function is to provide these incredibly useful tests, and to refine them continually over time. We are aware that the availability of this testing method opens up new avenues of clinical research that may help answer the many remaining questions that clinicians and patients face every day. We will enthusiastically consider well designed and supported studies and will work in conjunction with other researchers to bring the optimum testing to our patients.

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This test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by Advanced Laboratory Services. It has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.